Poutine Your Mouth specializes in serving large crowds, events, and catering.


Part food, music, art and all fun, Poutine Your Mouth is a cognitive eating experience unlike anything before.  The stage is food truck adorned in colorful art, that welcomes all to taste, experience, interact and enjoy.  The truck attracts patrons with lights, art and an open feel.  Guests will congregate.  Enjoying shade under umbrellas, eating amazing simple food, while chatting up other visitors.  The music will be impossible not to groove to, and the food so delicious, one thing is certain, Poutine Your Mouth will be a craving for years to come! Gift cards now available, or ORDER ONLINE!


The Original Poutine Your Mouth!!

Crispy Fries, Artisan Cheese Curds, Herb Veggie Gravy


Got a Hangover? Let ours cure it!

Free Range Bacon, Organic Maple Drizzle and Sunny Side Up Egg


A family recipe; our own skyline Cincinnati Chili atop Poutine!

with Sour Cream, Fresh Chopped JalapeƱos and Red Onions


This was our debut! Coachella Music and Arts Festival 2014!!!